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Built for today’s modern web applications, KeyDB is both your cache and database

Fully compatible with Redis & Elasticache, KeyDB has a superior architecture that provides more throughput and offers powerful new features

Getting Started with KeyDB

Over 3 million downloads

KeyDB is a Faster, Drop-In Alternative to Redis

Performance is Key

Check out this live benchmark where we compare Redis6 and KeyDB performance using TLS encryption
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See a detailed blog post that walks through benchmarking with TLS encryption here

Multi-Master Mode

Multi-Master mode uses a single replicated dataset across many nodes to serve both read and write operations

Nodes can be replicated cross-region to offer submillisecond latencies to local clients



Cluster mode allows unlimited read and write scaling by splitting the dataset across shards.

This allows unlimited scaling, and also support high availability through replica nodes.

New Built-in Commands

# individually expire members of a set

$ keydb-cli>  SADD  myset  member1  member2  member3
$ keydb-cli> EXPIREMEMBER  myset  member2  3600

# schedule lua scripts to run with keydb.cron

$ keydb-cli> KEYDB>CRON mycrontask REPEAT 60000 ‘‘INCR’, KEYS[1])

# update startup.js script with your function:
function concat(key1, key2) {
var str1 =‘get’, key1);
var str2 =‘get’, key2);
return str1 + str2;
# load your functions and run them in KeyDB
$ keydb-cli> set keyA foo
$ keydb-cli> set keyB bar
$ keydb-cli> concat keyA keyB

Add Commands and functionality

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