About KeyDB

A little bit about KeyDB...

KeyDB started out as a project to implement major requests that Redis was refusing to put into their base code. Since then, and with the encouragement of the open source community, KeyDB has turned into a contender database that is here to stay! 

We believe performance ultimately provides freedom to users – when you’re not worried about how heavily you load your database, you have more time to focus on what counts.

If you had to move all your possessions using just your car, you would be thinking very carefully about where you place those items and what you would take. Now consider using a 40ft transport truck. It's bigger than what you need and you can just throw your stuff in it without a second thought and go

This is analogous to the database world when it comes to development. However with databases, people need a database that is really fast, has low latency, and can scale to any workload. With KeyDB, we set out to create a database that is not only the leader in performance, but allows users to move towards a single database solution that manages both persistence and caching for their application.

The KeyDB project began in 2019 after creating a multithreaded fork of Redis. We were baffled by the fact it was not fully optimized to take advantage of multiple server cores. We had to run a cluster of nodes on a single machine in order to achieve peak server throughput. The maintainers of Redis had strong convictions to maintain a simple codebase including a single threaded engine, and had turned down some great community requests as a result. While we loved Redis, we had a very different philosophy on how the codebase should evolve. We felt that ease of use, high performance, and a “batteries included” approach is the best way to create a good user experience, even if it adds complexity to the codebase. Because of this difference of opinion features which are right for KeyDB may not be appropriate for Redis. We work hard to ensure compatibility with upstream Redis, while building out functionality in KeyDB that we think is necessary for users to succeed given the challenges of today.

When we introduced KeyDB’s multithreading and MVCC architecture, we had orders of magnitude increase in single node throughput. We have since continued to squeeze out every ounce of performance in the design of KeyDB to become the best in performance. Our architecture has enabled us to design features, commands and configurations that provide powerful tools to users without  performance penalties. Since KeyDB began we have added support for non-blocking queries, FLASH storage, subkey expires, and others. We will be supporting additional storage mediums, data structures, and configuration options in the near future.

Our team is expanding quickly to both support our growing customer base, and to develop our product. We have some ambitious plans with KeyDB which will bring with it new features, configurations, and performance! Make sure to connect with, or follow us to keep up to date with what we are doing!

The Founders

We are the founders of EQ Alpha Technologies and the database KeyDB. We always love connecting with our users and the community.
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