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Downloads KeyDB

Preferred Download Methods

Use our Docker Image to run your own containers. Follow this link to visit our docker page outlining pull and usage options. This image is manifested and supports x86 & ARM archtectures, a simple “docker pull eqalpha/keydb” will pull correct version. 

Add KeyDB’s PPA repository to apt. This makes installing the latest DEB packages easy. Updates and version selection for installation are automatic. The repository currently supports Ubuntu: focal/bionic/xenial and Debian: buster/stretch

The KeyDB rpm package installs binaries and services for your setup. Just download the rpm package for your system/architecture and install with yum. Packages for Centos7 & Centos8 are available.


DEB packages make installation and setup easy! Don’t worry about building, setting up directories or creating services. Our deb packages offer options for binaries only
(keydb-tools) as well as options to run keydb-server or keydb-sentinel as a service.

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Other Download Options

Get a copy of our Community edition sourcecode from Github. This is an open source project that accepts feedback and pull requests. Follow this link to go to the github page where you can read through step by step build options. Access to formal releases and the unstable branch.
Download a zipped folder with the source code for the latest official releaseof KeyDB Community Edition.