KeyDB Cloud

KeyDB Cloud

KeyDB Cloud is your fully optimized & managed cloud platform.

Spin up a cluster in minutes and start experiencing the true performance of the world’s fastest database!

KeyDB Cloud is nearing launch and we are now accepting applications for early release!

Fully Managed & Supported

KeyDB Cloud has built in monitoring and tooling. If an issue arises, our system automatically gets you back up and running. Not only do you recover, but our engineers will also be notified right away to investigate and ensure the root issue is resolved.

Optimized Configurations

With KeyDB Cloud, take comfort knowing the developers behind KeyDB have set upand optimized servers to take full advantage of the hardware available. KeyDB software is tuned specifically for our different offerings.

Dedicated Servers

With KeyDB Cloud you have access to powerful AWS machines and dedicated instances. This helps to ensure consistent performance and network bandwidth.

The Highest Performance

KeyDB Cloud uses our Enterprise Software. This provides an edge in performance to the open source product, and with our dedicated hardware resources, and optimized setups, you will experience the full performance KeyDB has to offer.

Self-healing & High Availability

KeyDB provides high availability replication spread over multiple datacenters to help ensure uptime of your application. KeyDB will automatically promote replicas to masters, and bring back down nodes quickly.

Enterprise Features

Take advantage of all of KeyDB Enterprise’s features when you use KeyDB Cloud. Our proprietary builds offer performance enhancements, more concurrency options, as well as configurations for FLASH storage.

User Interface & Tools

With KeyDB Cloud, you have access to our user interface which allows you to perform complex actions with the click of a button. Easily deploy and modify your cluster, upgrade or migrate.

Data Insights

With our user interface, you will easily be able to check the health and status of your cluster. Gain visibility into your usage & stats.

KeyDB Support

With KeyDB Cloud, you will get direct access to our support staff through Slack and Email. We are heavily committed to the success of your application!

KeyDB Cloud is New, and Available Soon!

We are very excited to be releasing our Cloud offering to the public. KeyDB Cloud has been in the works for a while, and is finally close to launch!

We are rolling out in stages and offering our services to users on a first-come first-serve basis. We ask that you email us below to get on the waiting list for access.


Register below to get on the waiting list

Applications will be processed base on region availability and needs. If you require configurations outside basic clustering, such as FLASH support, please make note in the comments section and we will notify you upon availability