Why KeyDB Professional?

Our professional offering saves on dev time and hardware spend

  • Get Support

    With KeyDB Pro, we have your back! Support is handled directly by our core developers so you can get to the root of any issue fast. Support is included with all our Pro licenses and is there to ensure your success.

  • Enable Your Devs

    KeyDB Pro offers MVCC suppport which enables better insight into your data. Run heavy queries such as SCAN or KEYS without blocking your core workload. Forkless background saving uses MVCC to optimize hardware use. Push KeyDB to new levels with Pro, and use our expertise to help get you there.

  • Save On Costs

    KeyDB Pro offers FLASH as an option for those with large datasets. With FLASH you can reduce costs by up to 10x which can provide net savings by moving to Pro. Reach out to us to discuss if Pro is a good candidate for your use case.

Some FAQ to Get you Going...

  • Getting Started with KeyDB-Pro - A step by step guide to using KeyDB Pro
  • FLASH Performance - KeyDB Pro on FLASH enables major cost savings by extending your dataset from memory into FLASH. Combined with RAM you can maintain a large dataset while still serving hot data at fast speeds.
  • FLASH Sizing & Configuration - A guide to sizing and choosing RAM to FLASH ratio
  • MVCC and non-blocking queries - About MVCC and using KEYS and SCAN concurrently at heavy production loads
  • Migration - Moving your data over to KeyDB is simple and can be done without downtime.
  • Yes. Both KeyDB Community and KeyDB-Pro is fully compatible with the Redis API, protocols and clients. KeyDB can simply be used as a drop in replacement for your current Redis instances. You can migrate easily to KeyDB by loading your Redis RDB file or via replication for a hot migration.

    KeyDB can be downloaded here. Pro downloads are available through all download mediums as well. Options include docker containers, PPA, DEB/RPM packages, and an AWS AMI.
    We are very close to releasing our beta version of KeyDB OCS which is our fully managed, hosted platform. If you are interested in being part of our initial launch, we are offering discounts to our first users that take part in the customer feedback program.

    If this is something you are interested in signing up for please reach out to to sign up!
    KeyDB remains fully compatible with the Redis API, modules, & protocol. We work with Redis clients and are a drop in replacement for your current Redis deployment. If you develop with KeyDB, your efforts still enable you to change back to Redis (minus KeyDB specific features).

    Your success is very important to us, and we believe strongly in our product. As such there are no contracts with KeyDB Pro and you can cancel at any time.
    We want to ensure you have a good experience with KeyDB Pro. This means that the product is the right fit for your application. If you are interested in Pro querying, FLASH, or support we would love to have a quick chat prior to purchase. A quick review of your use case allows us to both make initial recommendations, and provide what you need to get going quickly.

    If you are already confident in what you need to get going with Pro, simply email us and we can send you a link to checkout.
    Of course! All our Pro downloads have a built in 2hr demo time associated. Once the 2hr window is reached the process will be killed however it can be restarted an unlimited amount of times. For more elaborate trials you can contact us to discuss options.

    We also have an AMI available which will automatically configure FLASH volumes and config parameters(see ami-docs). This allows you to get going very quickly without even having to SSH onto the machine. There is a 15 day free trial period built in when you subscribe which makes it very easy to get going.
    To purchase license keys please reach out to or via the contact form below. We are happy to chat if needed to help determine initial requirements and fit. We often require less nodes than Redis so your setup may not need to be identical. If you know what you want we can provide a checkout link to our general offering, however for larger contracts or specific SLA's the pricing can vary.
    KeyDB ends up being considerably less cost than the Redis Enterprise pricing, and you get support directly from our core development team. People who move usually reduce costs by over 2x when moving over.

    When it comes to features, KeyDB has several comparable Redis Enterprise features built into KeyDB Community, and options such as FLASH built into Pro. We also have advanced multithreading with KeyDB and MVCC architecture with KeyDB Pro which brings querying and performance to a level unmatched by Redis.

    We are here to help, please use the form below to contact us. We are happy to directly answer your inquiries, or set up a call to further discuss your use case to ensure KeyBD Pro is the best fit.

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