Introducing: An Accelerator Module for Redis

  • Turbo-charge your Redis Server

    Operate at a new level within your stack and achieve performance gains you wouldn’t have thought possible.

  • Take full advantage of your hardware

    NICs essentially throttled by the kernel can now be utilized to their full potential interacting directly with Redis

  • Simplify Your Stack

    If you could put a higher load through your single Redis instance, you need less moving parts which can help reduce chances of downtime. Reduce your need to shard and make horizontal scaling easier

EQ Alpha Introduces Its
Accelerator Module for Redis

EQ Alpha has created a module that can improve the performance of your Redis instance by nearly double. It allows your Redis v5.0 (or other) to process data streams directly in userspace bypassing the kernel.

Is it Compatible With My Current Redis?

This module enables any version or build of Redis to be operated within the DPDK environment and take advantage of major gains. Use your production version of Redis and run the module to crank up the performance without any modification to the base code.
Redis will run over unix sockets, however you can keep your current tcp port config set up as the module redirects to the unix sockets.

What Kind of Performance Gains Can I Expect?

Expect to get close to double the performance per setup. The below benchmark testing was performed on a m5.2xlarge Redis server. Memtier benchmark was used as the benchmark tool on a m5.4xlarge with 12 threads running and 100 clients. memtier_benchmark --requests=20000 --threads=12 --clients=100.

You can find out more information on the module here

Getting Started

At EQ Alpha we want you to get the most out of your system. Please reach out to us to discuss your setup and we will review with you how this module can be incorporated to your setup and discuss its expected performance gains.

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