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KeyDB is fast... Really fast!

Quickly becoming known as the fastest NoSQL database in the world, KeyDB clocks in up to 5X faster than Redis and can be used as a drop in alternative

Effortlessly scale KeyDB both vertically and horizontally with the ability to operate cross-region with multi-master replication
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  • replication
    Multi-Master Replication

    With KeyDB's Active Replica nodes, you can have many synced master nodes accepting both reads and writes. This can be done locally or cross-region. Available in both Community and Pro, operate a large single dataset in a highly available configuration without the need for sentinel monitoring nodes.

  • flash memory
    FLASH thats Fast!

    KeyDB Pro on FLASH reduces DRAM requirements drastically while operating at very fast speeds. Architected on RocksDB, KeyDB Professional on FLASH enables a reliable balance of DRAM and FLASH memory. Take a look at what to expect from this feature and see benchmamrking results here

  • mvcc
    MVCC Support

    KeyDB Pro offers MVCC suppport which uses a lockless and wait free algorithm allowing concurrent operations enabling features such as non-blocking queries and forkless background saving. Run heavy SCAN and KEYS queries without affecting your existing workload

  • multithread

    KeyDB is fully multithreaded (not just IO) and as a result can use many machine cores to operate a single node. This has enabled KeyDB to put out up to 5X the throughput of Redis (v5) and up to 3x the throughput of Redis (v6). With TLS enabled we achieve over 7X perf due to the additional overhead required.

  • scalability
    Vertical & Horizontal Scaling

    KeyDBs multithreading enables you scale vertically, maximizing the resources of your machine before scaling out horizontally. It is a great option for those reaching the current limitations of their Redis instance. Effectively use up to 10 cores with a standard KeyDB node and 16 cores with TLS enabled!

  • tag expiration
    Better EXPIRation

    KeyDB offers Subkey EXPIREs which enables expiration of members within a set. EXPIREs now also have near real time active deletion that removes major lags associated with old models of removing expired keys.

  • acid compliant
    ACID Compliant

    KeyDB integrates MVCC support with durability options on persistent mediums. Transactions and querying are non blocking with atomicity guarentees. Transaction rollbacks coming soon and KeyDB datastructures in addition to the way we are able to persist data takes enables KeyDB to operate near an ACID compliant standard

  • arm processor
    ARM Support

    KeyDB is built for ARM. KeyDB uses the available cores with its multithreaded architecture and is a very fast and lightweight database.

  • persistence
    DRAM Speed Persistence

    (Coming Soon!) KeyDB has natively integrated Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory that enables complete persistence at 95% the speed of DRAM! No more writing to disk or worrying about your data. This technology will transform how we use databases

  • simplify
    Simple and Affordable

    You dont have to be a huge company to afford enterprise grade features with KeyDB. KeyDB Pro costs far less than the competition and provides value adds that save both time and money.

  • redis compatible
    Redis Compatible

    KeyDB is fully compatible with all Redis modules, API, and protocols. KeyDB works with your existing Redis clients and can be used as a drop in replacement.

  • Get There First

    At KeyDB we keep up to date with the latest tech to make sure the product maintains the lead in performance. Going with KeyDB means you will be able to use the latest and greatest hardware available with your database.

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A Drop-In Alternative to Redis

KeyDB Pro



All Open Source Redis Features yes yes yes
Compatible with Redis API & Clients yes yes yes
In Memory Database yes yes yes
Persistence Capabilities yes yes yes
High Availability Options yes yes yes
Horizontal Scalability yes yes yes
Vertical Scalability yes yes no
Can Get 1 Million ops/sec/node yes yes no
Multithreading yes yes no
Subkey Expire Options yes yes no
Active Replication yes yes $$$
FLASH Support yes no $$$
Persistent FLASH Support yes no no
MVCC Support yes no no
Non-Blocking Queries yes no no
Forkless Background Saving yes no no

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